Nachdem die Embraer E-175 v2 von X-Crafts schon seit einiger Zeit den X-Plane 11 unterstützt, gibt es nun seit zwei Tagen die neuste Version des Regional-Airliners. In der V2.1 gibt es jede Menge Änderungen und Verbesserungen beim FMS, dem Pushback-Verfahren, für die Verwendung unter X-Plane 11 sowie am Flugzeug generell. Da alle Änderungen im Fließtext aufzuführen den Rahmen mehr als sprengen würde, haben wir euch den Changelog im Original-Wortlaut im vollständigen Artikel aufgeführt. Erhältlich ist das Add-On für knapp 40 US-Dollar im Store.

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Changelog der X-Crafts Embraer E-175


  • DIRECT fixed when MCDU is on FLT PLAN page
  • EXEC fixed on MCDU INDEX, PROGRESS 1 and FLT PLAN pages
  • Active FLT PLAN waypoint editing fixed.
  • STAR reload enroute fixed.
  • PROGRESS 1 page – TOD – top of descent distance redefined to accommodate a more conventional rule of 3’s decent for commercial airliners:  3 miles for every 1000′ between final cruise altitude and first STAR waypoint altitude.  Up to the pilot to calculate speed and descent rate.
    NOTE:  You MUST perform a full PERF 2 setup in order to get an accurate TOD.
  • DIRECT will now adjust TOD with this version.  If you cut corners on the route, the descent distance calculation will backtrack from the end to the new waypoint you’re flying towards.  Obviously, it’s possible to find yourself in a situation where you’ve cut off so much of the route that you end up with a zero TOD, but good aviating will tell you that’s going to happen before you press DIRECT.
  • Reselection of runway alone will now permit a STAR reload enroute, in case the destination runway does not have terminal procedures defined.
  • Relocated fuel report file to the ERJ_Plugins directory.  This is more for my debugging than anything else.  It will have data if DEBUG is set to 1 in the configuration file, and nothing if set to 0.
  • 833khz frequency validation fixed.  Will now permit all valid 833khz COMM freqs.
  • NO CHANGES to tabular fuel data.  Fuel calcs are likely to be off, but hopefully not too bad.


  • Fixed tug’s inability to complete a pushback when the pivot heading crosses certain compass values.
  • Speed control function added so that the pushback doesn’t overspeed.
  • Added subtle braking function once the pushback speed has reduced to .5 knots.  This has greatly improved pushback termination.  Pilots will still need to set the brakes before the tug unhooks, though.
  • Revised parking silhouette visibility so that it is no longer possible to view a silhouette after pushback has been selected and initiated.

Added pushback parking silhouettes and menus similar to the E195.  Marko and I are aware that the E175 fuselage graphic is the same as the E195 fuselage graphic.  This helps with clarity of selection, and frankly it was a bit easier to deal with, given everything else that’s changed!  (Thanks, Marko).


  • I finally fixed the problem where the ATHR wouldn’t push the throttles far enough to maintain speed at high altitudes, this is a HUGE improvement!
  • The artifitial horizon now looks more like the one on the real aircraft and is fixed
  • Door coordinates reentered
  • Updated menu graphics which now match the E195 plugin menus
  • Reflection plugin is now also available for the E175 (mostly for XP10 users)
  • New fast spinning fans
  • Status synoptic page was showing weight with KG instead of LB
  • Slight modifications  to the cockpit model
  • Pilots now have animated heads (based on the yoke position)
  • The brakes are set when aircraft is loaded
  • VOR needle color changed to magenta
  • The popup MFD was reflecting light under certain lighting conditions
  • The glass of the wing landing lights were lit when only the nose landing light was on
  • NAV map only shows airports with paved runways
  • The inability to disable AT after landing fixed
  • removed XFMC config file because it was causing bad frame rates for Mac users. You can download it separately now here


  • Generaly the whole plane has been updated to run smoothly on XP11
  • This airplane now comes with starter pack of custom data by Aerosoft
  • Autothrottle was going nuts in XP11. This is now fixed
  • All normal maps were optimized for the new PBR graphics engine so the plane looks awesome in XP11!
  • Fuel flow optimized for XP11
  • Idle ratios optimized for XP11
  • Added the new FMS. You can now use either the Tekton FMS or the new FMS available in XP11
  • Added locations for the service vehicles
  • The windows get darker by day
  • Some parts of the plane had flickering noise on them in XP11 – fixed  (hopefully i won’t find any other ones)
  • More metadata of the plane was filled out
  • The „Next waypoint“ section added back to the MFD NAV map
  • knobs on the side panels are now white like in the rel plane



Hallo, ich bin Sascha und habe im April 2010 gegründet. Damals noch im Alleingang habe ich die Seite über ein Jahr als One-Man-Show gefeiert. Aber da zwei geile Jungs besser sind als nur einer, kam dann auch schon Frank mit dazu. Heute sind wir... Deutlich mehr.

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